I was in love and didn’t say it

- Updated 4th December 2018

I meet a woman about 4 year ago. We Hookup for 2 days and i know it sound silly but i felt a really strong connection between us.

After those 2 days we start to talk frequently and the feeling start to grow. But both of us just came out of long relationships so none was looking for get in another relationship so soon. So I decided to not tell her about my feelings.

3 months past and i was been consumed by the silence and this thing in my chest. I start to dream with we starting a life together. I got crazy. And star to insist really hard to we see eachother again, but she live in a different city 3h away and every time we try to meet something happened and we had to postpone.

I started to think that had another person in the game and she was just playing with me. I decided to forget her.

More 2 months gone and we finely see eachother on a train station. I said hello, she hug me and the feeling was clear. I was in love. She invite me to go to a pub with her friends but i said the i couldn’t, i was busy. But was i lie.

We spent just few minuts together, and i play the dry person i didn’t want to show ger that i got the feeling. From that day we do not spoke anymore.

After i discover that she used to like me. But in that day i was so dry that she got sad and decided to move on. She was single all the time.. But After a while she start to date some one.

I fell that i lose the love of my life because i was a stupid person who wanted to show no feeling. And until now i carry this guilt and blame.