what is happiness?

- Updated 15th September 2019

What is happiness?

We all search for it, long for it and even hope for it, but what is it really?
When we really try to find what we think makes us happy, we usually fail.
Material things can bring a sense of happiness to us, but it’s only short-lived. Finding the best kind of happiness comes when we least expect it.

Love happiness and joy three potent emotions that can help change the world if used correctly. It’s not just about finding a person to love us but more finding the right person. Someone who can bring out the best in you and make even the darkest days seem brighter. That one person who can make you feel truly happy. Happiness is linked to love, and we should seek it out in its purest form.

For too long most of us have focused on the wrong things in life, a good job and place to live and other material things. This won’t bring happiness, finding that one person can. Now with all the negativity currently in this world it’s hard to find any kind of joy. We are pressured into working hard and keeping up with all our friends and families. In a high supersonic speed digital age we exist in, we are only doing ourselves more halm in try to keep up. Nobody has time for themselves anymore, and it’s hurting each and every one of us. Glued to phones or other devices every day, watching things or playing games our lives are more artificial than ever before.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for an hour a day we all had to put down the smart devices and just talk to the people around us. The art of conversation and essential communication between each other is failing.

Its doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or a cleaner we are all human and should be treated with the same respect. We need to get back to a simpler time of engaging with each other in civilised ways, not swipe left or right based on a pre-judgement of a picture. All of that kind of thing has taken the humanity out of ideas. We are not meant to be mindless automaton, we are living beings with the capacity to grow beyond all of the hate and anger that’s building up every day.
Hope is another powerful emotion, and I’m using that to write this now. With hope that more people can find true happiness in their lives and stop all of the chaos that’s enveloping our society.
You ever noticed that when you are truly in love with someone you don’t get ill as often? That’s due to your body and soul responding to the love from the other person healing you before it takes hold.

For me real happiness is from love, and it helped become a far better person than I was before.

So what is happiness to you?